Saturday, 7 February 2015

The Magpies by Mark Edwards

Book 8
The Magpies by Mark Edwards

A young couple buy their first flat and have so much to look forward to. They make a home for themselves and make friends with the neighbours but strange things start to happen and one of there friends seemingly after an accident ends up in a coma.

This was a fabulous book, I read it in 2 sittings. The characters are believable and you feel like you really get to know them, the twists in the story are good and you feel the frustration for the characters. The ending is not what you would expect though which was an added bonus and it left me wanting more.
At the end of the book when you read about the author he actually started the book as he had been in a similar situation with bad neighbours (no where near as bad as in the book) and it made him write about what could have happened and got his imagination going.
I really look forward to reading more by Mark Edwards.