Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The Mistake I Made by Paula Daly

   Book Description : We all think we know who we are.

What we’re capable of.

Roz is a single mother, a physiotherapist, a sister, a friend. She’s also desperate.

Her business has gone under, she’s crippled by debt and she’s just had to explain to her son why someone’s taken all their furniture away.

But now a stranger has made her an offer. For one night with her, he’ll pay enough to bring her back from the edge.

Roz has a choice to make.

Author : Paula Daly
Publisher : Random House UK
Publish Date : 27th August 2015
Format : Kindle Edition

* Thank you to Random House UK  and Netgalley for providing me with this copy in exchange for an honest review *

My thoughts : I feel like one of the only people in the world that hasn't read a book by Paula Daly before this one. And why haven't I? I can't believe I haven't come across this fabulous author before.

The Mistake I Made had me totally gripped from the start. We meet Roz a single parent bringing up her 9 year old son George. Roz works as a physiotherapist but is struggling money wise after losing her business and being left in terrible debt by her ex husband Winston. On top of that George is playing up at school and things look very bleak for Roz until she gets an offer she can't refuse.

I loved Roz, she was a very realistic character. My heart broke for her being in the situation she was in. Trying to do the best for herself and her son, it was like taking two steps forward and three steps back. I found myself wondering what I would do if placed in her situation and when you find yourself doing this you know you've got a good book.

All the characters were well described and it makes you feel like you know them, like they could just jump out the page. Also the descriptiveness of The Lake District where its set was just brilliant, it's made me want to go and visit.

I don't want to give too much away about the story but it was gripping, thrilling, sad, funny and just thoroughly brilliant. Paula Daly has wrote a cracker of story that left me completely satisfied. It had twists and turns and I couldn't put it down.

I'm now looking forward to reading What Kind of Mother Are You and Keep Your Friends Close by Paula and I look forward to more from this fab author in the future x

5 stars from me x 

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

The Ghost Tree by Sara Bain

Description : A newcomer to a small town must contend with a 17th century poltergeist intent on murder

Five years after the death of his wife, MacAoidh Armstrong moves into a smallholding in southern Scotland with the intention of living a self-sufficient existence. Although he’s heard the steading has a reputation for being haunted, the pragmatic Highlander does not believe in ghosts. On a hill by the steading stands the Ghost Tree: all that remains of the former Ringcroft of Stocking. Local legend says, when the last of the Ghost Trees dies, the Rerrick Parish Poltergeist will return. The Ghost Tree is dying and, just days after MacAoidh moves in, he is forced to contend with a number of strange and terrifying events that put his very life at risk. This series of bizarre and increasingly threatening occurrences at The Ring defy all logical and scientific explanation, and compel MacAoidh to face phenomena that will make him question his very beliefs.

Author : Sara Bain
Published By : Urbane Publications LTD
Publish Date : 1st October 2015
Format : Kindle Edition

* I'd like to thank Sara Bain the author and The Book Club on FB for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

My thoughts : Where to start with this book? From page one I was totally hooked, and when I had to put it down (as apparently sleep is very important) I couldn't wait to pick it back up again.

Set in Southern Scotland we meet MacAiodh ( Mackie), he's moved into a smallholding ready to start a new life but things don't go quite as smoothly as planned. Mackie has a past but he's a great character and I fell in love with him straight away.

We also meet Libby a solicitor who lives in a near by town. Another great character who's a strong woman with a past also. The scenes with Libby and Mackie's mum had me laughing out loud at times.

Sara has written a fabulous descriptive book that sooks you right in, you feel like you are actually part of the story. It's scary, funny at times and there's tragedy too and as I was reading I could feel myself holding my breath waiting for the next thing to happen.

I also loved the scenes in the pub where you got a true Scottish accent in the dialogue. Living in Scotland it made me feel closer to the story if that makes sense.

I don't want to give too much of the story away but I will say don't read this one if you're alone. It gave me shivers and the hairs on the back of neck stood up. I highly recommend this book and so look forward to reading more by the very talented Sara Bain x

I give this book 5 huge stars x

Time to Die by Caroline Mitchell

Time to Die
Book Description : Don’t ever cross his palm with silver.
~He will reveal your most shameful secrets.
He will predict your death.
He is hiding a secret.
He is hiding a monster.
And all his predictions come true.

Investigating a series of chilling murders, Detective Jennifer Knight finds herself tracking a mysterious tarot card reader known only as The Raven.

As the death toll rises, Jennifer and her team build a picture of a serial killer on the edge of sanity, driven by dark forces. But these are not random killings. And the method behind the madness could be the most terrifying thing of all …

Especially when it seems the death of one of their own is on the cards.

Author : Caroline Mitchell
Publisher : Bookouture
Publication Date : September 24th 2015
Format: Kindle Edition

* I'd like to say a huge thank you to Bookouture and Netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review*

My thoughts : After reading Caroline's first book Don't Turn Around and giving it 5 stars I was so excited for the next book and I wasn't disappointed in the slightest.

We head back to Haven with DC Jennifer Knight and her side kick Will, where they are working amongst a team called operation moonlight. A police team that investigates crime with paranormal elements.

I love the chemistry between Jennifer and Will, they work so well together and their friendship warms the heart. Jennifer with her psychic abilities is a very interesting character, both her and Will are very likeable.

The Raven on the other hand sent chills down my spine but I was intrigued by him. He's a character that you love to hate and is evil to the core but I just couldn't get enough of him. I've always been interested in Tarot cards and Bert (The Raven) had the ability to see the past and also the deathly future with his. He's an incredibly scary character I certainly wouldn't want a reading from.

I just loved this book, it has a great mix of paranormal and crime and Caroline has done a truly fantastic job writing this book, it had me on the edge of my seat. It's one of those stories where you can't sit still while reading it, you feel like you have to move about a bit or you'll be absorbed right into the story for real. Totally engrossing and I really had to make myself slow down while reading it as I just didn't want it to end.

Although this is book number 2 it could be read as a stand alone but I definitely recommend reading Don't Turn Around first. Both absolutely fab books and I can't wait for number 3.

An amazingly chilling, thrilling edge of your seat story that you wont want to read when you're all on your lonesome.

A fabulous 5 stars from me xx