Saturday, 26 March 2016

Escape by KA Richardson

Description - After two long years of beatings at the hands of Carl Jameson,
followed by the obligatory apologies and tears, Cassandra Hunt
knows enough is enough.
It’s time.
There is someone else to think about now– the tiny life doing its
best to grow inside her while she hides the bruises.
Finally, with the help of one of Carl’s friends, leaving is possible.
Can Cass execute her plan in time? Can she and her unborn child
claw their way to safety before Carl finds out?
Can she really escape?

Publication Date ~ March 15th 2016
Published by ~ Caffeine Nights

My thoughts - A brilliant short story about abuse that is filled to the brim and leaves you wanting more. Very well written story that draws you right in and with a preview at the end of With Deadly Intent which is published 14th April 2016 I think this is an author I will be looking out for.