Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Stirred with Love by Marcie Steele

Blurb -
Sometimes the best friends can be found where you least expect them …
Still grieving after the loss of her beloved husband, Lily Mortimer is determined to do something with the time she has left.
After the end of her fairy tale marriage, thirty-something Kate is trying hard to mend her broken heart.
Chloe, a young woman with the world at her feet, is struggling to know what to do with her life.
When Lily embarks on a new venture in the picturesque town of Somerley
, the three women come together to open The Coffee Stop, the most charming café for miles around.
But opening a coffee shop is never as simple as it seems, especially when you add neighbouring competition, local heart throbs and heartbreak to the mix.
When tragedy strikes, can the three women pull together to make the new business fly, or will Lily’s last chance disappear down the drain along with yesterday’s coffee grinds?

Publish Date ~ 2nd September 2015
Publisher ~ Bookouture

My thoughts -
Stirred with Love was a joy to read. I'd just finished a gritty thriller and needed something easy to read and this was just perfect.
It's written in a way you just dissolve into the story and it had me completely hooked.

We meet Kate, Chloe and Lily, all different ages, all different characters who all have different issues but are brought together through Lily (the oldest) and her dream of opening a café and they bond and form a friendship that warms the heart. All three characters are endearing and I felt like I could relate to each of them in different ways.

Stirred with Love is funny, it's sad (it will bring a tear to your eye) and it is also totally heart warming. Marcie Steele/ Mel Sherratt has proved with this book that's she's not just fab at writing crime thrillers and psychological suspense but also Romantic comedy/chick lit too.

I received this copy through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.